Make Your Own Floral Wreath with Sweetwater Workshops

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating something with your own hands and being able to display it! At Sweetwater, you can attend a workshop to make your own floral wreath to bring natural décor to your home, workspace, and more! The workshop provides a hand-twined wreath made of branches and twigs native to Colorado.

Then, you’ll choose from a variety of fresh flowers and dried flowers to decorate your wreath with. Sweetwater staff will display a dried version of each flower to show you what each will look like after time, allowing the beauty of nature to live on.

The staff will walk you through adding to the wreath. First, you’ll choose where the focus will be on the wreath, whether it’s at the top, bottom, one side, or around the whole wreath! The workshop allows you to be creative, experiment, and create from your own vision with as little or as much direction you want.

Then, you’ll be taught how and where to clip stems of the flowers and how stick them into the twigs of the wreath. Choose from a variety of flowers and dried flowers provided by Sweetwater, such as big sunflowers or small strands of native foliage. You can choose contrasting colors of many dried and fresh flowers for a colorful wreath or choose foliage with tans, yellows, and reds for a cool, earthy wreath.

A great reward for attending a Sweetwater workshop is that not only can you display your work of nature, but you can continue adding to it throughout the years. If you dry out a bouquet from a special event like your wedding or anniversary, pick a few favorite flowers and add it to your wreath. Over time, your wreath will carry on memories and showcase its natural beauty!

The wreath-making workshop is a great way to spend time with friends and family or join a comfortable and creative atmosphere to meet new people in the Colorado Springs area!

Bring your friends and enjoy a few happy hours with us! Everything you’ll need to make your creation is included: fresh flora, foliage, tools, and more. Life is hard and flowers make everyone’s day that much better.

Follow Sweetwater on Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming events and visit our Events Page to register for the next workshop. Based on the package you choose, wine and snacks can be provided. Be sure to book soon because class sizes are small to allow a lot of focus from our leaders and for Q&As!